Schwartz Reisman Institute launches call for Research Fellows

The University of Toronto’s Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society is seeking affiliated Research Fellows interested in working at the intersection of artificial intelligence, data, and society. These Research Fellows will form an integral aspect of the scholarly output of the Institute. We welcome applications that address any aspect of the relationship between technology and society, but have developed an initial high-level research plan for the Institute, organized on the basis of different perspectives on the challenge of building AI and other digital technologies in ways that are broadly beneficial and inclusive. Although we anticipate that the shape of the research at the Institute may rapidly evolve with the interests of the people who engage with us and circumstances that arise, these overlapping perspectives will provide an excellent opportunity to bring together scholars from across AI, humanities, and social science research.

  1. The Information Order: Exploring the norms, rules, and dynamics that govern how information is generated, transmitted, shared, and used, including concepts such as privacy, consent, ownership, and governance of data. Who knows what and why? Where can information go? What can people and entities do with the information they acquire?
  2. Human Values: Connecting humanists, social scientists, and computer scientists to create shared and actionable frameworks for understanding human norms and values and the systems that generate them. What is “ethical” AI? What does it mean for machine learning to be “fair”? How will we judge causation and responsibility in human-plus-machine systems with complex emergent behaviour? What is required for a computer system to be accountable or worthy of human trust?
  3. Value Alignment: Developing the technical, market, and governance systems that can help ensure that our technologies produce outcomes that are reliably aligned with what humans value, both individually and through the various means (such as democracies) by which human communities determine which goals and values to pursue.

If you are interested in being a Schwartz Reisman Research Fellow, please apply online.